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How do you like the UK tour, which shows do you like the most?

glasgow , and the 2nd 3rd and 5th brixton were the best.

How do you feel about that there were a lot of people from different countries such as Japan, Canada, Russia and etc. on each gig on this tour?

very suprised, its great people came because the stage set may not make it to japan and other places so it was special.

Are you satisfied with the reaction on new track "Heat Wave"?

its not ready yet ,we just wanted to put it in to see how it felt. we have to write lyrics and arrange it. thats what will happen to alot of new prodigy tunes over the next year , we will road test them until they work.

Are you going to make 30 to 40 new tracks for the new album and then choose just best ones?

not that many, we will probably do 15 traks and then choose the best ones.

As we know you don't have a lot of gigs scheduled for the next year at the moment. Does this fact mean that you are not going to try new tracks on gigs as you did it before?

its always a problem to try new traks in the show because we want them to be fresh for people when they come out but i would imagine we will test a few out. next year will be about writing the new record and doing shows.

And tell smth about the Prodigy plans for the near future, please.

well , i just did :)

Personaly we would like to thank you for 8 wonderful gigs that we have visitied during your tour as we loved everything you did on stage starting from the setlist itself and finishing with wonderful new versions of almost all tracks. We tried to support you with our UK and TheProdigy.ru flags. And we will try to support you in the future. And as always you are very welcome to Russia.

respect to u guys. LiaM ProDiGY

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